Queue Management System QMS600i

QMS600i is the state of the art customer management system, incorporating advanced embedded system technologies. It features a sophisticated Queue Processor with multiple software and peripheral functions, as well as several new LCD touch screen devices. The system also offes a suite of software functions so as to provide a more comprehensive customer management solution.

The new system is drastically improved with the incorporation of:

Integrated Design The Queue Processor integrates the functions performed by several devices into one. This approach offers several significant advantages: cost savings on hardware, software and maintenance, reduce energy usage and space

Full Web Solutions System monitoring, reporting and control are performed over the web browser and software installation on client PC is not needed.

Auto Optimization Automatic and dynamic configuration on counter services help to optimize counter performance and minimize customers’ waiting time.

CRM Integration Customers are identified through card or biometric reader, thus enabling the staff to greet them and also to retrieve their particulars, profile and past transaction histories from host database. Such information better equip the staff to serve the customers.

Customer Feedback QoS feedbacks are integared, using questionnaires on interactive customer terminals. Customer rating information is accessible in real time.

Wireless Technology Integrated WiFi technology helps to minimize cabling and thus installation costs. It also comes in handy when it is impossible to lay cable, especially on existing site.

  • Features
  • Integrated multifunction Queue Processor
  • Fully web based solutions
  • Licence free web based counter terminal
  • Integrated customer feedback solution
  • Appointment management
  • Customer relation management
  • Interactive reports
  • Report designer
  • Wireless support
  • Multilanguage support
  • Automatic service optimization
  • Dashboard status views
  • Queue prediction
  • Display content management
  • Customer identification via card/biometric reader